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Three $5,000 scholarships for the 2023 Fall semester plus travel arrangements and lodging to attend the 2023 BAPA Annual Forum. The forum location and dates to be announced.

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One $5,000 scholarship for the 2023 Fall semester. This scholarship does not cover travel and lodging to the forum and attendance is not required. However, the student may attend if they wish at their own expense. The recipient of this scholarship will be required to volunteer for Bosana Foundation on an "as needed basis" for up to 5 hours per month for the duration of 1 year. 

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The BAPA Scholarship aims to assist Bosnian American students in navigating the educational system and aid them in furthering their professional goals.  BAPA recognizes that by helping students further their education, we are investing in the growth of future leaders of the Bosnian-American community.
In 2023, BAPA will enter its eighth year of awarding scholarships to high achieving Bosnian-American students who do important work in their respective communities. In addition to financial support, the BAPA scholarship is meant to provide Bosnian American students with an opportunity to develop important relationships with like-minded individuals. Scholarship recipients will be working with the BAPA board, mentors, and one another on projects of their choice which will be presented at BAPA’s Annual Forum.

The 2023 application is open from February 20, 2023 and will close on March 20, 2023. The winners will be announced April 14, 2023. 

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