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The role of a board member is to ensure that BAPA adheres to its mission, by actively participating in making decisions on behalf of the organization, putting the interests of the organization first and ensuring that the organization complies with any applicable laws. The board of directors has the following responsibilities:

  • Develop financial resources needed to support the strategy

  • Provide expertise or access to support organizational priorities

  • Build and enhance the reputation of the organization with key stakeholders

  • Oversee financial performance and ensure adequate risk management, and

  • Assess performance against the organizations mission and key program priorities.

Board members collaborate with multiple Bosnian, Bosnian-American, and other organizations from the diaspora, make new contacts and take part in the continued growth of the Bosnian-American community. Board members serve a 2-year term with the option to be reelected, to the same or a different position. Board meetings are scheduled quarterly via a conference call, and run approximately one hour. In addition, each board member is expected to join at least one committee.


Current Committees:

  • Development

  • Scholarship

  • Annual Forum

  • Governance

  • Homeland Connection

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