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About BAPA

Founded in 2013, we have always believed that education is first step to success which is why we offer multiple scholarships and workshop opportunities throughout the year. We believe in empowering and highlighting Bosnian leaders from various industries and we invite them at our annual forum to share their success. BAPA inspires to help and create an inviting and supportive culture through professional and personal development, all while fostering friendships in the community.


Our Mission

BAPA’s primary purpose is to provide networking opportunities for fellow Bosnian-Americans and foster continued professional growth in our community. We are planning to accomplish these goals through community outreach, mentoring programs, and a scholarship fund, while strengthening connections to our homeland.

Our Vision

BAPA envisions an organization that will assist Bosnian-Americans in navigating the education system and aid professionals in furthering their career goals at all stages of educational and professional development.

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